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I was thrilled when I was asked to by the lovely and talented Autumn Thatcher if I would be willing to be a part of a cover story about 4 local photographers for their next issue of  In This Week.  First is the printed version and then right below is the the online version of the story.  If you would like to view the article online go here. The printed version is available today, so go pick up a copy!
Cover: Salt Lake’s Hot Shots, Andrea Hanks
Posted 2011-03-30 14:27:23 by Autumn Thatcher

Our day-to-day lives happen in a blur and the monotony of our daily responsibilities sometimes causes us to get into routines that prevent us from stopping and taking a look at the world around us. While most of us have to remind ourselves to look at our surroundings, there are those select few who tend to see nothing but what surrounds them. These individuals are more often than not, photographers. Anyone can buy a camera and start shooting, but not everyone can turn their work into art. In appreciation for the photographic talent that exists in Salt Lake, we minimize our words and talk to four different professional photographers who differ in style and subject, but are similar because of their ability to see something ordinary and make it extraordinary. These people show us on the pages what they see in their surroundings and capture their interpretations behind the lens for everyone else to admire.

Andrea Hanks has been working with photography and cameras since she began modeling internationally at the age of 14. Her experience in front of the camera along with the realization that it was time to step out of the world of modeling led her to pick up a camera and go behind the lens.

What she likes to shoot • I love the fashion industry, so my style is most influenced by high fashion editorial.

On her photographic studies • Experience has been the best teacher for me. A lot of trial and error. My yearly goals always include some form of continued training. I spend time analyzing other photographers and seeking their input from camera setting to the best shoes to wear on the risers at LA Fashion Week.

How she is different from other photographers • Because of my unique experience in the fashion industry, the way I use lighting, the way I pose and most often don’t pose subjects and my decidedly unique processing style using rich, bright colors and deep contrasting blacks and whites.

Who she would shadow for a day • Nicolaas de Bruin or Walter Ego

Opportunities her career has presented her with • Good luck is where the paths of hard work and opportunity cross. In my short career, I have been able to shoot celebrities at Sundance Film Festival, and I am the house photographer for the biggest venue at LA Fashion Week. I have also shot wedding proposals in Chicago, weddings nationwide and most recently in Jamaica. I am currently working on some shooting projects this fall in New York.

Viva Las Vegas!

November 2, 2010

I feel a bit selfish posting a slideshow with images of me instead of my clients, but I am really excited to share this slideshow! Almost 15 years ago I married my sweetheart and best friend in Las Vegas. We were young, naive and in love…and so we eloped! As a wedding photographer I get to share in the joy of photographing many couples’ wedding ceremonies which is a priceless way to record the memories of the day, but alas we did not have a wedding photographer on the day we were married and I have always regretted it! I have petitioned John our entire marriage to have our photos taken in wedding attire, but for reasons known to many men, he always said no. Miracles happen! John finally agreed to getting dressed up for photos and last March, on our 14th anniversary, we strutted our stuff in peacock themed fancies in front of a few cameras in Vegas! We were lucky enough to have a whole crew of talented photographers taking our photos that day because the WPPI Convention for photographers is held in March. Now, for some even better news, it is our 15 year anniversary this March, and we will FINALLY get to have a honeymoon! Where and how you ask? I was lucky enough to book a wedding in Jamaica, so we will work for a bit and the rest of our days will be just for us to reminisce on the 15 years we have spent together and the many more to come. Photos courtesy of Jon Woodbury, Julie Parker, Brook Ashley, and Erin Fonnesbeck.

Ryan and Chelsey

November 23, 2009

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Yes, I know a lot of pictures. I couldn’t narrow it down any more…believe me I TRIED. I even left out a bunch that I really like too. So, before I get to the story of Ryan and Chelsey, I have a preference question for you. Would you prefer to see the images as stills or in a slide show on my blog?

Alright here comes the part you really want to know about…the shoot! I photographed a wedding in Washington State when I first started my photography business. Jay and Erin flew me out to be a part of their wedding on the lake in the mountains. It was gorgeous and I was in picture heaven. Well, this is part II of the Morris Family Weddings for me. I am going to be taking photos of Ryan and Chelsey in Nauvoo, Illinois in the spring for the wedding and then off to Wisconsin for their reception. I couldn’t be more thrilled. I get to fly into Chicago and will have some time to play there. (Any suggestions?) For these photos, Ryan flew in from Washington and Chelsey came in from Idaho. We then traveled some more to this lovely little spot in Tremonton. Loved the bike, loved the couple and loved the lighting. Chelsey, I can’t wait to see you again for your bridal session!

An Ocean Shores Wedding

August 3, 2009

Recently I booked a wedding in Washington. When I found out it was a wedding on the coast, I was thrilled. The wedding was held at the beautiful Judith Ann Inn where friends and family gathered to celebrate the union of one really cool couple and their beautiful daughter. I can tell you that since I lived in Washington I knew that the chances for rain on the coast for the day of the wedding would be pretty high. Can anyone guess what kind of weather we had? Rain, wind and more rain. That makes taking formal pictures kind of dicey. Frank and Heather were great about standing in the freezing rain on the beach and the balconies of the Inn all in the name of getting great photos! That is my kind of couple. The coolest part about their wedding story is that their first date was at Ocean Shores and on that anniversary several years later Frank proposed to Heather there. Frank and Heather decided it would seriously rock if they got married at Ocean Shores on the anniversary of both of the events that started it all. That is pretty cool and I give Frank serious kudos for only having to remember ONE important anniversary date each year!