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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The fabulous Andrea Hanks, helped me create these beautiful images last month; so I could have some amazing images for my portfolio for the fantasy tutu I created for Ballet West’s fundraiser. I was chosen to create the tutu earlier this year and after a sleep-less night or two to figure out how to sew up that amazing skirt, this is the end result.

The model who wore it at the fashion show asked me what inspired me to make the tutu. I was inspired by many things, using what I had on hand, a friends wedding dress I recently altered, Film Noir and I wanted to use feathers, as I was entranced by all the beautiful tutus the costume designer made for the Oscar nominated film The Black Swan. Here is the blurb I attached to the sketch I turned in.

This asymmetrical designed two-piece corset and skirt in iridescent red taffeta, and black tulle skirt in descending layers and feather accents is inspired by old Hollywood, and features a playful twist on the classic tutu. The bodice is ruched with bias strips folded to add dimension, an off the shoulder fan of tulle and feathers nicely frames the décolletage bringing the eye to the mini full circle skirt with it’s descending and angled layers of black tulle.

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Candlelight Video

This is a video from two of our photographers, Andrea Hanks & Nathan Pickett at Candlelight Serenade 2010

Candlelight Serenade from Nathan Pickett and Andrea Hanks.

I was thrilled when I was asked to by the lovely and talented Autumn Thatcher if I would be willing to be a part of a cover story about 4 local photographers for their next issue of  In This Week.  First is the printed version and then right below is the the online version of the story.  If you would like to view the article online go here. The printed version is available today, so go pick up a copy!
Cover: Salt Lake’s Hot Shots, Andrea Hanks
Posted 2011-03-30 14:27:23 by Autumn Thatcher

Our day-to-day lives happen in a blur and the monotony of our daily responsibilities sometimes causes us to get into routines that prevent us from stopping and taking a look at the world around us. While most of us have to remind ourselves to look at our surroundings, there are those select few who tend to see nothing but what surrounds them. These individuals are more often than not, photographers. Anyone can buy a camera and start shooting, but not everyone can turn their work into art. In appreciation for the photographic talent that exists in Salt Lake, we minimize our words and talk to four different professional photographers who differ in style and subject, but are similar because of their ability to see something ordinary and make it extraordinary. These people show us on the pages what they see in their surroundings and capture their interpretations behind the lens for everyone else to admire.

Andrea Hanks has been working with photography and cameras since she began modeling internationally at the age of 14. Her experience in front of the camera along with the realization that it was time to step out of the world of modeling led her to pick up a camera and go behind the lens.

What she likes to shoot • I love the fashion industry, so my style is most influenced by high fashion editorial.

On her photographic studies • Experience has been the best teacher for me. A lot of trial and error. My yearly goals always include some form of continued training. I spend time analyzing other photographers and seeking their input from camera setting to the best shoes to wear on the risers at LA Fashion Week.

How she is different from other photographers • Because of my unique experience in the fashion industry, the way I use lighting, the way I pose and most often don’t pose subjects and my decidedly unique processing style using rich, bright colors and deep contrasting blacks and whites.

Who she would shadow for a day • Nicolaas de Bruin or Walter Ego

Opportunities her career has presented her with • Good luck is where the paths of hard work and opportunity cross. In my short career, I have been able to shoot celebrities at Sundance Film Festival, and I am the house photographer for the biggest venue at LA Fashion Week. I have also shot wedding proposals in Chicago, weddings nationwide and most recently in Jamaica. I am currently working on some shooting projects this fall in New York.

Do you use ShootQ and love it? Do you use Pictage and love it? Well…I am SOOOO thrilled to spread the word that Pictage has recently acquired ShootQ! If you have any questions on why I love either one of these services please feel free to ask! Cheers!

This is a letter from Pictage CEO Jim Collins

This month I’m writing for a special reason. After many weeks of planning and conversation, Pictage has acquired ShootQ. This is exciting news for us and I’m sure it will be for you as well. The reason for the acquisition is pretty straight forward—Pictage’s mission is to become a one-stop shop for Photographers seeking help in their professional pursuit. Up to this point, our products and services—with some minor exceptions—only provided solutions for post-shoot activities. ShootQ on the other hand has solutions that are almost entirely pre-shoot in nature. The overlay of the two companies from a product perspective is a no brainer. But that’s not the reason we did this deal.

The main reason is that when we met with Andrew, Rachel, and Jonathan, the managing triumvirate of ShootQ, we were very impressed with their vision and passion in serving their photographer customers. Early on, Rachel described this as a Co-Op and that’s pretty much the way we see it as well. Adding their experience as successful photographers, along with the product they’ve created to the quilted fabric of Pictage, gives us a better sense of the customers we serve. That they are pretty fearless about voicing their own opinions about things we can do better only sweetens the deal.

I’ve often told people that I did not come to Pictage to do a small thing. I’m here to do a big thing. My vision is to create a solution and service set that makes it difficult for professionals NOT to use us. If we can give you the level of flexibility you seek and combine that with rock solid reliability in every facet of our business, and give you an array of community and educational offerings that allows you to broaden your vision and your business, I think we can do that. That’s what we’re going to do. This is a big step.

If you are interested in more details, please visit the Q&A on the Pictage forums.

I look forward to seeing you on the road.

Until then, Onward!


Jim Collins
Pictage, Inc.

IEA Scholarship Banquet

April 15, 2010

I am excited to post this slideshow of an event I photographed last July. (Yes…I am really behind!) The event was sponsored by IEA and was held at The Grand America Hotel. It was a scholarship awards banquet with Coach Jim Boylen of the University of Utah Men’s Basketball Team as speaker and presenter. I added just a few highlights from the event, and look forward to photographing it again this year!

The Sonora Grill

December 31, 2009

SonoraGrill copy

Some of my recent work is being used by the Sonora Grill! Check them out and sign up for the Sonora Club. When you join the Sonora Grill club you will qualify for all of the amazing benefits it offers: a free birthday meal, a free anniversary dessert, special members only promotions, etc. Stop in and tell them hello, and don’t forget to tell them Andrea Hanks Photography sent you!

A Birthday Party for Angelina

November 23, 2009

Many of you know I work for a company called Circlepix, which is a real estate marketing and photography company. Because I am one of their photographers I have the opportunity to work with a lot of real estate agents. There are a lot of really good agents out there, however I have to say of all of the agencies I have worked with and all of the homes I have photographed, one agency consistently sticks out. It is Sold By An Angel.

Every time I photograph houses for this company they are in model home condition. Everything ALWAYS looks amazing. At one point I started to wonder what they did that was different from many other agencies. Here are just a few of the things that I have learned.

1. An agent from this company meets with you personally and either helps you stage your home for optimal selling or tells you exactly what to do. This is a biggie, and let me tell you it WORKS! 2. They are professional and their customer service is amazing. 3. They treat you like you are someone really special even if you don’t end up buying or selling a home through them. 4. This team has a lot of experience and credentials in the business. This is their full time gig. They do NOTHING else. 5. They are selling homes left and right even in a RECESSION. That says something. They really do ROCK! Need I say more?

Angelina is the owner of the company and I was lucky enough to photograph her 40th birthday bash in August. The party was held at Canyon Rim Park and guests were treated to a catered luau. The evening ended with dancers from the island of “Layton.” If you are ever in the market to buy or sell a home, you will not be disappointed if you choose to use Sold By An Angel for your real estate needs. (I get nothing from plugging this company. I am sincerely passing on information about an amazing team!)

I.E.A. Awards

July 25, 2009

I have become very fond of event photography. I get to meet a lot of really interesting people in many different industries. This time around I photographed an awards banquet for I.E.A. (Intermountain Electrical Association) at The Little America Hotel. Awards were given out to companies such as Wasatch Electric who was the contractor for projects like The Real Stadium and the light rail project to name a few. As always the people were nice, the lighting was crappy, and the food looked divine. The best part of the evening was that I left the event armed with quite a bundle of names to choose from if I am ever in need of a great electrician!

So how did I get these pictures you ask? Well I was lucky enough to be invited by a local school to take pictures of Ronnie Price from the Utah Jazz for their cool assembly. Every year there is a reading contest among many Utah Schools and the school which has the most minutes read wins a visit from a Jazz player. In addition to winning the visit, the principal of this local school told the children as a reward she would dress up in a chicken costume. In some of the shots you will see Ronnie doing the chicken dance with the children and the principal in her chicken attire. Ronnie also read a a fun book and did some fancy slam dunks. It was great to be the official photographer because I got to roam around wherever I wanted for the photos. The only problem? School gymnasiums have horrible lighting and very high ceilings. It makes lighting the photos a challenge, but hey I am up for that. Especially when it comes to taking pics. of a Jazz player!

Dreamworks Kitchen and Bath

February 21, 2009

I am so amazed at what a good remodel can do for a house. What are the two most expensive rooms in a home to remodel? The kitchen and bathroom! I was hired by a company called Dreamworks Kitchen and Bath to take some “after” photos of a remodel they did in a bathroom and a kitchen that they were going to enter in the NARI awards. I was amazed when I saw the before pictures. I can’t believe how gorgeous the projects turned out. I wish them the best of luck and hope that they win for both of their entries! Oh and for the record, taking good photos in both kitchens and bathrooms are really tough. Go ahead and TRY IT!!!!