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I must confess, I don’t enjoy landscape photography very much. I try to steer clear of it and just stick with people, houses and maybe the occasional water softener, appliance and….oh yeah did I mention PEOPLE? Well I broke out of my comfort zone a bit and this past September. I was in Yellowstone feeling pressured to join the rest of the crowds taking pictures of random trees, waterfalls, sunsets, etc. so I gave in and walked around snapping photos of various scenes while feeling very much like a tourist. Later as I processed these photos I had a dilemma, should I leave them in color or in black and white? Now I KNOW there are some of you out there that are looking at these pictures and thinking why WOULD she put landscape photos in black and white, and some of you will adore them without the color, but sometimes I like them both ways and just can’t decide which version I like better. I thought it would be a fun post to show the exact same photograph with color and without. You be the judge, how would you have processed these? Oh yeah, and if you know of any PEOPLE who would like to be photographed, please send them my way. They are much more fun than trees.