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Most of you have already read my post about my Yellowstone landscape pictures. I was actually there shooting photos for a family reunion. It was a family that I didn’t know at all, but their story is quite incredible. All five of the adult siblings hosting the reunion were raised in separate foster homes, but have kept in touch throughout the years. They all live in different states and lead different lives. This reunion was the first time in over 10 years that they would all be together! I was hired to be a part of the event, and of course my family wanted to go as well. We had a great time and got to know the family very well. I snapped photos throughout the 4 day event, but had a particularly fun time taking candid photos of Little Miss “S.” She was a fire ball. Just look at that red hair! Check out her pose in the group shot! I adore the two shots that were taken by the water fountain-the word mischief is what comes to mind. If you open the water fountain photos and look closely, you can see water droplets flying in the air. I love that! What a wonderful time everyone involved had renewing relationships and catching up in one of the most beautiful parks in the United States. We just felt really lucky to be a part of it.

Fall is in the air!

November 25, 2008

O.k. so some of my clients following my blog will wonder why they haven’t seen a post with their pictures yet from SUMMER. Ummm my only response is that I am just that behind. It is hard to keep up with posting, processing, shooting, emailing, editing, and being a mom on top of all of that. So I am not skipping your post….one day I will get your pictures up, but for now I just got super excited to post some of the fall photos I have been working on. This family was so much fun. They brought a bunch of fun props that signify things their family likes to do: a guitar, an airplane toy (dad is a pilot) a ukulele, and even bread to feed the ducks! They were so prepared, and we got a lot of photos of the kids just “playing.” The family sang, laughed, played, and fed the ducks too. I loved every minute of it. We got so many great photos I just kept adding more and more to the post. The look with these photos definitely turned out to be a bit old skool….with some fun texture flava. I did throw in a few color photos just so all of you out there wouldn’t think you were reading a post from the wrong era! Ha ha. Enjoy and thanks for the wonderful time Tait Family.

Fun In Evanston

November 16, 2008

Can these kids get ANY cuter? I went to Evanston to take pictures of the oldest boy for his senior pictures, and ended up taking pictures of all 5 of these cuties! I couldn’t resist, plus the backdrop was awesome. We shot all of the pictures right next to the Bear River. The lighting was perfect, it was a bit chilly, but WOW we had a great time. My husband John is getting pretty good at getting people to laugh for the camera. What would I do without him? Anyway it was a pleasure working with the fabulous Barton family, and I hope”Mr. J” LOVES his senior pictures.

So check out these FABULOUS card designs… (Oh yeah and how about the ROCKIN‘ photos in the cards?) All of the cards shown here were designed by Shout It Out! card designs and photography done by Andrea Hanks Photography. If you like both of these elements, then you are going to LOVE my killer deal for Christmas! (For more examples of card designs by Shout It Out! please visit:

Alright, so here’s the deal. There are still a bunch of people wanting to get Christmas photos for their Christmas cards so….I am going to bust out an awesome deal for you! Book your photo session between today, November 12th and December 12th and for $75 you will get the following:

  • A 1 hour family portrait session at the location of your choice (Davis County to Salt Lake County)
  • A custom Christmas Card design with up to 2 photos by Shout It Out! card design
  • 25-4X6 Christmas Cards using the Shout It Out! card design of your choice. You may choose one of Marianne’s pre-made templates, or she can design one to your specifications.
  • 3 months of online posting of all of your images on Pictage where friends and family can order unlimited prints and products.
  • 1-8×10 print from your photo session*

This cool deal gives you a total of over $165.00 in savings off of my regular package price and card design! Wahoo!

(Skip this next part if you already know how awesome of a deal this is!)

BTW, if you went to let’s say, Walmart, Kiddie Candid, or Target, you would not get to choose from ALL of the poses taken, or would you get on location CUSTOM photography, and you would not get the digital images released to make your cool custom card. You would have to buy Christmas Cards from the photo studio, which is NOT cheap, plus they are NOT as cool as Shout It Out! card design cards. Oh and for further education on what custom photography is all about, please read this article!

*All other prints desired can be purchased online at Pictage. The c.d. with all images from the session may be purchased at an additional rate.
Questions? Please let me know! Book now! Space is limited.

M and M

November 7, 2008

Monique and Max, Max and Monique….inseparable and two of my favorite duos to photograph. I mean just look at them! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Max was wearing an authentic Indian outfit, and it suited him well. He spent most of the shoot running around with me chasing behind him trying to snap a few shots, meanwhile his mom chasing behind me trying to get his attention using any means possible. Food, bribery, funny noises, etc. Well, the results are in, he is cute and we got some great shots. Don’t you think so?

Another Phoenix Sweetie

November 7, 2008

This past August I was able to go to Phoenix and do some photography work for a darling little family. (Yes, I am THAT behind on my blog posting!) It was cool to do some shooting out of town, and I loved spending time with Frank, Heather and their cute little “Miss K.” Unfortunately, the time that we had booked for photos, little “Miss K’ was sick and teething to boot. I don’t think it matters when pictures are scheduled, it is always stressful, for parents and children alike. (Especially when either party is visiting from out of town!) I always try to capture the personalities of all involved regardless of the mood. The best piece of advice I can give for those about to have pictures done? Relax, your kids are cute no matter what they act like.

I must confess, I don’t enjoy landscape photography very much. I try to steer clear of it and just stick with people, houses and maybe the occasional water softener, appliance and….oh yeah did I mention PEOPLE? Well I broke out of my comfort zone a bit and this past September. I was in Yellowstone feeling pressured to join the rest of the crowds taking pictures of random trees, waterfalls, sunsets, etc. so I gave in and walked around snapping photos of various scenes while feeling very much like a tourist. Later as I processed these photos I had a dilemma, should I leave them in color or in black and white? Now I KNOW there are some of you out there that are looking at these pictures and thinking why WOULD she put landscape photos in black and white, and some of you will adore them without the color, but sometimes I like them both ways and just can’t decide which version I like better. I thought it would be a fun post to show the exact same photograph with color and without. You be the judge, how would you have processed these? Oh yeah, and if you know of any PEOPLE who would like to be photographed, please send them my way. They are much more fun than trees.