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The Dream Team

January 18, 2009

Here are some photos of some of my most FAVORITE PEEPS! The day we shot was a pretty chilly one, and by the time we got to the individual pictures, the poor little baby was ready to be done. These kids are so darling, I just love the eyes on all three of them. If I could make “Miss H” my permanent child model I would. This girl cranks out the most gorgeous candid photos without any effort. A photographer’s dream! Thanks for a great shoot.

Little Star Preschool

January 18, 2009

Are you ready? Because I have some more preschool photos coming your way, with the lovely Ms. Banu as the rockin‘ teacher! The class photo featured on this post is of the four year old class, but Little Star Preschool also holds a separate class for three year old kiddos. If anyone is interested in enrolling your child in a wonderful preschool, check out for more information. These kids have got it good!

Car Trouble Anyone???

January 16, 2009

There will be no car trouble in your neighborhood with this guy around, but maybe just trouble! He’s handy, and not so bad to look at either. I LOVE this classic car and the license plate even says, Route 66. You can’t get a better set up than this.

I am really missing the sunshine and the green grass after looking at these photos. I think when I retire I might do the whole snowbird thing. Really. Anyway back to the photos, this is a wedding I did clear back in August for Stephanie and Rob. It was a fabulous backyard wedding with tears of joy and many laughs the entire time. One of my favorite pictures to capture at weddings is of the groom seeing the bride for the first time. It is awesome. Just look at Rob’s face in picture 4. I thought it was very cool that Stephanie chose to have both her mom and dad walk her down the aisle too! It was a lovely ceremony and all of the guests were a lot of fun. Everything was perfect. I am so lucky to have spent so much time getting to know this wonderful couple and their family. I wish them all the best!

I am still alive!!! (Barely)

January 10, 2009

Well hello! It has been a very busy holiday season for me and I have missed posting photos from my photo sessions on my blog. It was just one thing that I cut out because there were many other things I put first. Thank you for a wonderful 2008. I have enjoyed photographing so many of you at weddings, family sessions, family reunions, engagement sessions, senior sessions, and baby sessions! If you decide to re-book me, I will give a 10% repeat customer discount on your sitting fee and of course referrals are always welcome! You are the reason I have a successful business. Thank you! I hope 2009 is great for all of you!