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Won’t you be my Valentine?

February 22, 2009

This was the coolest shoot! I couldn’t wait to choose a few lovely photos for posting, but instead decided upon a slide show because there were so many that ROCK! Enjoy!

Dreamworks Kitchen and Bath

February 21, 2009

I am so amazed at what a good remodel can do for a house. What are the two most expensive rooms in a home to remodel? The kitchen and bathroom! I was hired by a company called Dreamworks Kitchen and Bath to take some “after” photos of a remodel they did in a bathroom and a kitchen that they were going to enter in the NARI awards. I was amazed when I saw the before pictures. I can’t believe how gorgeous the projects turned out. I wish them the best of luck and hope that they win for both of their entries! Oh and for the record, taking good photos in both kitchens and bathrooms are really tough. Go ahead and TRY IT!!!!

Babysitting and Food Fights

February 21, 2009

Is anyone sick of the snow yet? Just looking at these pictures really makes me want to go back to September-plus Halloween IS my favorite holiday. These photos were taken last November in Provo of a great family visiting from Washington. They are long time friends of my husband’s family. I was fortunate enough to get to know them really well when we lived in close proximity to them. This family really ROCKS! It is funny to think that my husband actually used to babysit the triplets when they were little. I am not sure how much the girls liked him watching them, because I have heard a story about his “babysitting skills” that helps me understand what happens while I am away and I come home to a trashed house! Anyway the story is that he took the girls on a “picnic” at a spot overlooking the Puget Sound. When they were seated at the picnic table side by side looking out at the water, he cracked an egg on each of their heads. He thought that they would just throw food at each other, but guess what? The girls ganged up on him. I think that he got what he deserved, X 3!!! All three of these girls are now married with children of their own. I wonder what kind of sitters they will choose? And as for their little brother, he may be the one to carry on the great legacy my husband left…..until he has children of his own.

Dancing In The Rain

February 19, 2009

I photographed the details of Steve and Alexa’s wedding last August. It was a gorgeous day complete with blue skies, scattered with the occasional rain shower. Steve and Alexa had the greatest reception and if I had to sum it up with one word it would be PARTY! They chose to have a gorgeous backyard reception where everyone danced the night away, even when it started to rain. These people knew how to get their groove on. It was wonderful meeting this dynamic couple and I am sure they will have many more dances throughout the years, perhaps even some in the rain.

Old Friends, New Friends

February 9, 2009

Just two years ago our family lived in Washington State. We moved to Syracuse for a job transfer, and boy how time flies. Even with the time that has passed and the new friends we have made, we still miss our friends and associates in Washington. It is pretty cool when we receive an email or phone call from some of our old friends who are coming to Utah for a visit. We drop everything so we can get together and reminisce about the good times we had together. Imagine my excitement when one our family friends asked me to take their son’s engagement photos! We had a great time catching up on old times and I feel like I made a new friend. Kyle’s fiance is fantastic. I adore her. He is marrying a fab girl, and she is marrying into a fab family. Here comes the crazy part, we took these pictures the weekend before Thanksgiving. Wow! Just look at the color and the beautiful leaves in the pictures. Amazing. Good luck to you both, and I hope to take more pictures for you as your little family grows!

Snow, Sunshine, and Football

February 9, 2009

Here are some photos of a really cute family that were taken awhile ago. Here’s the deal, I took their pictures in the FALL for their Christmas Cards, and didn’t post any of their fabulous pictures. Then, right AFTER Christmas I took some more pictures of them and their extended family in the snow. Hmmmm. I am really behind. So if you are confused why there is sunshine, green grass, and snow all mixed into one post it is because I am a slacker! On a personal note, my daughter had a crush on one of these cute boys, “Mr. B” for a long time. He is the oldest boy out of the bunch and after meeting him, I approve, although my daughter is too young for this kind of thing………! I had a great time with this family, and wow, they are a fun, good looking bunch. The dad even cooperated, (maybe his wife threatened him) but as soon as I packed up my camera, he was off to see the rest of the BYU football game. Now that is dedication.