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Family and Finger Photos

April 23, 2009

This series of photos were taken for “Grandma Pam” the world’s coolest crafting, scrap booking and photo taking lady I have ever met. We spent two hours shooting every possible grouping of this family for grandma. She brought her list, it was very thorough and I was impressed. We did the entire group, each individual family, just the kids from each family individually, then together, then just the grand kids, the grand kids with the grandparents….well you get the picture. (No pun intended!) I thought I would just post a few of the groupings because there were just so many! The picture of the fingers is of the five girls from one of the families. They wanted me to take a picture of their fingers and this “thing” they do. I asked why they did it and what it meant. All five of them just kind of giggled and said they didn’t know why, they just did. I thought it was kind of endearing. All of these photos are going to be given to grandma for Mother’s Day. How cool. So think ahead and perhaps book a Mother’s/Father’s Day Session. Trust me, the gift of family photos is priceless.

The Perfect Setup

April 22, 2009

This shoot was amazing. These bridals were taken at the historic Crandall Building in downtown Salt Lake City. At first glance, a bride might be a bit scared by the way the building looks. (Umm yeah, both Amy and her mom looked a bit nervous when they entered the building.) The building is vacant, old and in somewhat bad repair. But for a photographer it is a DREAM location. It was a perfect day with a perfect bride and my all time favorite photog Jon Woodbury came and assisted me at the shoot. (Yeah, I twisted his arm. He was hillarious too. He had all of us laughing. A LOT.) Anyway, enjoy the photos of one of the most perfect set ups for shooting. Oh and in case you were wondering Amy was very pleased with the results of the session.