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Here are some photos of a little girl that I really adore. She is wonderful to take photos of and is always a good sport when I want to try something a little different.(Sometimes when she sees my camera come out though, she runs the other way. Is that a bad sign?) This little gal loves doing a lot of things, including posing for the camera. Sometimes I have a hard time getting her to “not pose” so I can capture the sweet but spunky personality that she has. Look at the photos and try to guess which ones are spunky, sweet, or posed. Which style do you prefer?

Future NBA Player???

May 27, 2009

Study this boy’s face, and study it hard. Why you ask? This boy measures in at 6″10 and is only 16 years old! I am certain he is headed for big things with basketball. Maybe the NBA?? Seriously, you should see him play hoops. I was so excited when Cal booked me to do his photos. He rented this cool tux for Jr. Prom and wanted some “sweet” pictures in it. We had a lot of fun trying out different locations and man, everywhere we went we ran into what I call his “fan club.” He has so many friends, it seems that everyone in Cache Valley knows who he is. Well, I guess it would be tough not to. I mean just look at him!?! I think I am going to get an autograph now so that when he makes it big, I can show it off. Enjoy the slide show of the cool, classic look that only a guy like this can pull off. Oh yeah, watch out NBA….Cal is going to knock your socks off!

The Golf Adventure

May 24, 2009

Sometimes luck comes your way in the form of a darling, sassy, three year old blond. How you ask? I have always wanted to shoot photos at a golf course. Even with this great desire I never thought it would work out too well for me to stop by for a session without permission. (Hmmmm thoughts of getting kicked off of the green topped the list.) Lucky for me I happened to mention my interest in a golf course for a possible location for our session to Jen. (The mom) You can imagine my complete surprise when she told me that her brother-in-law just so happened to be the GOLF PRO at one of the golf courses in our area. So we wouldn’t have to sneak onto a golf course for this shoot because we actually had permission to use the green and a golf cart! Perhaps we should have learned a bit about golf course etiquette before setting out, or the golfers should have been warned about US. We were yelled at, laughed at, and we were even asked if we were bringing beverages around to the players. Hmmmm. It all worked out in the end, plus we got some gorgeous shots on the greenest turf around. As an added bonus to the day, we managed to avoid getting whacked in the head by golf balls! Nice.

Class of 2009

May 17, 2009

Here is a sneak peek of a few of the photos taken from my senior shoot extraordinaire two weeks ago. This of course is just the graduation announcement, but just wait…..I will wow you with some more of the photos from the shoot in a post sometime this week.

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Music To My Eyes

May 4, 2009

Here are some rockin’ photos of a little piano prodigy in the making. This darling baby worked the camera with her plethera of expressions and I just sat in the corner and clicked away while listening to the plink, plink of her chillaxin tunes. The post processing on these photos was pretty cool too. The rich black and whites, funky tones, and added textures made for a sweet set of photos that were hard to narrow down. So enjoy the slide show, it really is music to my eyes!

Photog Fun

May 4, 2009





Occasionally I get to have what I like to call a “photog play date.” It is when I get the chance to get together with another photographer and actually try new photo techniques or take photographs of people “off the clock”. This series was done with….oh you guessed it….Jon Woodbury. We set up an indoor studio in Jon’s house and managed to round up a few cuties. With the help of our spouses as assisants, (can you believe it took four adults to take pictures of three kids?) we took photos late into the evening until our models couldn’t take it anymore. We managed to eat some pizza in between shutter clicks and had a great time testing out Jon’s new strobe lights. I can’t wait for my next photog play date!

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