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The Sonora Grill

December 31, 2009

SonoraGrill copy

Some of my recent work is being used by the Sonora Grill! Check them out and sign up for the Sonora Club. When you join the Sonora Grill club you will qualify for all of the amazing benefits it offers: a free birthday meal, a free anniversary dessert, special members only promotions, etc. Stop in and tell them hello, and don’t forget to tell them Andrea Hanks Photography sent you!

Nathan and Heather

December 31, 2009

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Hello blog readers! Meet Nathan and Heather. The first time I met them was as they were coming out of the temple on their wedding day. Nathan, Heather and their families traveled all the way from Wyoming for the wedding, and it was great to finally meet them in person. (Thank you Kathy Barton for the referral. You are the bomb!) This is one of the reasons I love working on a referral base, I get to work with the most amazing clients. As for Nathan and Heather? They are definitely in for an adventure together. I have never seen a bride smile so much. EVER. The chemistry between these two was awesome. Talk about sparks! I loved watching them interact, and the funny thing is by the end of the day I felt like I had known them for a really long time. They, as well as their families, are very open, caring and a lot of fun to be with. The day of their wedding the thermometer marked a whopping 17 degrees and it amazed me how fabulous they both looked despite being half frozen. Thank you to both of you for a great day and congratulations on the wedding!

Holiday China

December 29, 2009


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This series of photos were taken for a “self assignment.” I don’t have a lot to say about these photos except I hope to continue my “self assignments” during 2010. It is a way that I can learn a new type of photography, challenge myself and perhaps remember why I love to photograph almost anything.

The Hall Family

December 22, 2009

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I did a portrait session of this adorable family last year and then had the awesome privilege to photograph them again this year. I wanted to post this session today because the baby bump you see in the pictures is now gone. Yes…the little one arrived a few days ago. Congratulations!

Woodbury Family

December 20, 2009

woodburyxmascard copy

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What do you get when you have two photographers, 3 lights, one camera, 12 degree weather, a darling family and TEN MINUTES? An impromptu photo session in-between jobs and a few cute pictures to send out to family for Christmas cards. Wow….it is amazing that anything turned out! I have to give Jon and Lori props though, because they are also in the photo biz so they were great at posing on their own while I got the attention of little missy! To see behind the scenes at this shoot watch this clip.

Shearer Family

December 20, 2009

Untitled-1TWOGWENNcuteALLI-129all-126-116-75-74 I love it when families work on details of the shoot with me beforehand. Things like wardrobe, hair accessories, tights, shoes, sweaters, hair, makeup and selecting the location of the shoot make A HUGE difference in the outcome of the photos. Meet the Shearer Family. They were a perfect example of one of those families that prepared well in advance and they have gorgeous pictures to show for it. (Not to mention the kiddos are so freaking cute, plus they picked a pretty cool photographer too.) Next time you book a shoot, whether it be a wedding, family, or senior session please take the time to plan the details in advance. I am good, but lets face it…I am not THAT good! :0)

Sold By An Angel Real Estate

December 19, 2009

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Here are some photos that I took of The Sold By An Angel Real Estate Team. These photos are going to be used for their business cards, marketing materials and website. These ladies have a selling average of about two homes per week. That is unheard of! I am so lucky to be able to work with them both through my photography and also with my future real estate needs. To see behind the scenes footage of the shoot, go here.

Tim and Melissa

December 16, 2009

walkUntitled-1laughslaughkissdancecakebubbles This is just a brief sampling of photos from Melissa and Tim's wedding in August. To see more great photos from their wedding check out my Photography Facebook page. Melissa and Tim were a lot of fun to photograph and had me laughing the entire day. Their family was awesome too. It was a day filled with energy. The marriage took place in the Bountiful Temple with the reception at Atrium Weddings at the Western Garden Center in Sandy. Weddings like this make me really, really, like what I do. Thanks Dean and Clark Family.

The long awaited photo video is here! Thank you so much to for the gorgeous video. Nathan is so amazing to work with and just take a look at his videos, they ROCK! They are modern, fun, vibrant and feel more like a music video than something a videographer from Utah put together! The makeup, hair, and wardrobe styling was provided by the fabulous Kimi Copenhaver and thank you to my gorgeous models Shannon and Jace. Enjoy…and remember if you are looking for a pretty cool duo, book both Nathan and me early…we won’t disappoint you!

Talus in Flight

December 8, 2009

animationIt is not that I have too much time on my hands….really it is quite the contrary.  This is just evidence that I am really tired and needed a break from editing photos.  When I shot this series of photos,  I imagined this exact set up in my head.  So here it is! Aren’t you lucky? You get to see a small portion of what I visualize on a shoot.  I hope you enjoy my indulgent post.