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Justin and Joni

January 20, 2010

Untitled-2Untitled-1foodflowersdetailsdressdetails3cupscake_DSC7252_DSC7242_DSC7237_DSC7236_DSC7234_DSC7230_DSC7218_DSC7217_DSC7182_DSC7175_DSC7132_DSC7067_DSC7063 cop3y_DSC7060_DSC6948_DSC6917_DSC6843 I have always been a big fan of staying warm, and this wedding blew that out of the water. The day of Justin and Joni’s wedding was FREEZING. I am not sure how Joni survived in just her dress with wind chill and snow, it was probably one of the coldest days in December last year. Despite the cold, I had a great time 2nd shooting for Julie Parker. She is amazing and I enjoyed the entire day. Enjoy the images!

_DSC8121_DSC9171_DSC9167-2_DSC9129_DSC9127_DSC9122_DSC9120_DSC9118_DSC9116_DSC9105_DSC9102_DSC9090_DSC9089_DSC9083_DSC9079_DSC9058_DSC9055_DSC9053_DSC9051_DSC9044_DSC9042_DSC9037_DSC9032_DSC9031_DSC9027_DSC9022_DSC9008_DSC9003_DSC9001_DSC8998_DSC8977_DSC8972_DSC8451_DSC8343_DSC8161_DSC8158_DSC8150_DSC8146_DSC8128 copy_DSC8124_DSC8121 These photos were taken for the up and coming fashion magazine in Utah. It is called Utah Styleliste. It will be the first fashion magazine printed in Utah. We have a lot of bridal, entertainment, etc. magazines that are printed here…but this will be a fresh, new take on fashion in Utah featuring local talent, designers, boutiques etc. I am thrilled to have been apart of an editorial shoot for the magazine and their first fashion show. Enjoy the photos, and please contact Kristen to sign up for advertising before the first edition is printed!