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I was thrilled when I was asked to by the lovely and talented Autumn Thatcher if I would be willing to be a part of a cover story about 4 local photographers for their next issue of  In This Week.  First is the printed version and then right below is the the online version of the story.  If you would like to view the article online go here. The printed version is available today, so go pick up a copy!
Cover: Salt Lake’s Hot Shots, Andrea Hanks
Posted 2011-03-30 14:27:23 by Autumn Thatcher

Our day-to-day lives happen in a blur and the monotony of our daily responsibilities sometimes causes us to get into routines that prevent us from stopping and taking a look at the world around us. While most of us have to remind ourselves to look at our surroundings, there are those select few who tend to see nothing but what surrounds them. These individuals are more often than not, photographers. Anyone can buy a camera and start shooting, but not everyone can turn their work into art. In appreciation for the photographic talent that exists in Salt Lake, we minimize our words and talk to four different professional photographers who differ in style and subject, but are similar because of their ability to see something ordinary and make it extraordinary. These people show us on the pages what they see in their surroundings and capture their interpretations behind the lens for everyone else to admire.

Andrea Hanks has been working with photography and cameras since she began modeling internationally at the age of 14. Her experience in front of the camera along with the realization that it was time to step out of the world of modeling led her to pick up a camera and go behind the lens.

What she likes to shoot • I love the fashion industry, so my style is most influenced by high fashion editorial.

On her photographic studies • Experience has been the best teacher for me. A lot of trial and error. My yearly goals always include some form of continued training. I spend time analyzing other photographers and seeking their input from camera setting to the best shoes to wear on the risers at LA Fashion Week.

How she is different from other photographers • Because of my unique experience in the fashion industry, the way I use lighting, the way I pose and most often don’t pose subjects and my decidedly unique processing style using rich, bright colors and deep contrasting blacks and whites.

Who she would shadow for a day • Nicolaas de Bruin or Walter Ego

Opportunities her career has presented her with • Good luck is where the paths of hard work and opportunity cross. In my short career, I have been able to shoot celebrities at Sundance Film Festival, and I am the house photographer for the biggest venue at LA Fashion Week. I have also shot wedding proposals in Chicago, weddings nationwide and most recently in Jamaica. I am currently working on some shooting projects this fall in New York.

Last spring I shot two a brother and a sister’s wedding within 2 months of each other and the weddings were featured on The Bride and Check out the post online here.

We have two fun Spring weddings that we want to share with you.  The first one is Nick & Brooke & the second one is Abbie & Kylen.  Abbie & Nick are siblings so we thought it would be a fun post to share these two featured weddings in one blog.  Both weddings were simply fantastic & we wanted to share all the fun details with you.  Special thanks to Andrea Hanks Photography for sharing these images with us.  We hope these two wedding inspire you to create your own wedding masterpiece.

Photography by~Andrea Hanks Photography

Nick & Brooke

Brooke wanted to have  peacock/vintage theme, which started from her engagements to her wedding day.  Nick & Brooke’s wedding colors were red, gold & turquoise  & everything turned out fabulous.  Be sure to check out all the amazing details that were included in everything from the fun engagement session to the wedding luncheon & wedding.  What a fantastic day.

Brooke and Nick’s Wedding

To see more images from Brooke & Nick’s Wedding, go to their featured wedding page here.

Wedding Vendors for Brooke & Nick’s Wedding:

Cake – Bowman’s Market Bakery
Food – Pennie Whipple (mom)
Wedding Dress – David’s Bridal w/ alternations by Pennie Whipple
Tuxes – Stuft Shirt Tuxedo Emporium
Flower Girl Dresses – Stewarts
Photographer –Andrea Hanks
Hair – Cultures Salon
Ceremony – Bountiful Temple
Luncheon –The Canterbury Place
Reception – Tuscan Ridge courtyard in South Ogden

Abbie & Kylen

Abbie & Kylen focused their wedding around their love of singing & playing the guitar. Nick & Abbie (siblings) have a fun family tradition  that when they get married they write a song for their spouse & sing it at the luncheon, but at Abbie’s wedding she wasn’t the only one who performed a song.  Kylen did too.  How sweet is that?   We think you will find this Spring Wedding a lot of fun & inspiring as well.

To see more images from Abbie & Kylen’s wedding check out their featured wedding page here.

Wedding Vendors for Abbie & Kylen’s Wedding:

Wedding Dress- David’s Bridal

Ceremony-Salt Lake Temple

Luncheon- Joseph Smith Memorial

Reception- The Victorian

Photography- Andrea Hanks

Photo by~Andrea Hanks Photography

Written by~Brynn Whitchurch with W Weddings

We are a few months into 2011 already but now is a great time to talk about wedding trends. Weddings are so personal and individual but it never hurts to get ideas from what others are doing.  Just because you follow a wedding trend does not mean you have to lose yourself. Take these trends and use them as elements in your wedding; then make sure you add your own personal touches as well.

Photo by~Swensen Photography

Vintage Car~Something Vintage Something Blue

The first trend of 2011 is ‘vintage touches.’  What’s old is new again and brides are incorporating this trend into their own wardrobe with vintage-style wedding dresses, red lips, finger waves in the hair, etc. One idea is to even re-use your mother’s or grandmother’s wedding dress. You can rework the dress to fit your own style but what a sweet idea to be able to wear something so personal to your family. We are also seeing a lot of vintage touches in the photography at weddings. This can be done with old photo booths, setting up wedding photos of your different family members, or the style of your photography can be very vintage. If that is the look you are going for make sure you talk to your photographer and let them know what you have in mind.

Image Courtesy of~Modest Couture by Elizabeth and photo by Andrea Hanks Photography

Remember this dress?  This was her Grandmother’s dress that she had Modest Couture By Elizabeth remake special for her. Read that story here.

Photography by: Donahue Photography

Eco-friendly weddings’ are the second trend of the year. Brides are looking to be more environmentally friendly when planning their weddings.  This could mean using LED lighting, recycled paper for your invitations and programs, old mason jars as decorations and maybe even food from local providers. Along with this trend comes another sub-trend: ‘outdoor weddings.’ If you feel confident about the weather then by all means, plan a wedding outside. There is simply no substitute for natural light and the beauty of the outdoors. Of course, it’s always a good idea to have a plan B just in case weather becomes a problem.

Photo by~ Claire Marika Photography

Our third wedding trend is ‘DIY weddings.’ Many people are still looking to save money and doing little projects on your own is a great way to stay on budget with your wedding. On top of that, it really adds personal touches to your wedding day and it allows you to incorporate your own interests or hobbies. Some of the easiest DIY yourself projects are your wedding favors, place cards, table decorations and maybe even your programs or invitations.

Photography by: Claire Marika Photography

‘Social media’ is our fourth trend of the year. With Facebook, Twitter and blogs it is extremely easy to keep your guests in the loop while planning your wedding. You can keep friends and family up to date with all your wedding details, or maybe just a few you want to share. These social media tools are also a great way to collect addresses or maybe even send an e-vite to friends and save on some postage.

Now let’s talk fashion! Gray will be taking over as the neutral IT color for 2011. You can pair gray with vibrant hues to really make the colors pop. Navy blue is also showing itself as a trend for 2011. Metallics are making a large presence in weddings; whether that means using a bright color with a metallic accent, or even using several metallic shades together. Gold, silver and champagne colors will definitely be seen a lot this year. As we all know, the focus of a wedding is on the bride. Dramatic ball gowns are making a comeback this year and we will be seeing these fairy-tale inspired styles on many different girls this year.

Photography by~Swensen Photography

About the author, Brynn Whitchurch~“I am a wedding coordinator located in Salt Lake City, UT.  I have experience planning many different kinds of events ranging from intimate gatherings to celebrations with thousands of guests. I have worked with many different vendors and I’m a firm believer weddings don’t have to cost a fortune. I will make sure you stay within your designated budget, while still making your wedding day wonderful.

I love the detail that goes into planning an event and weddings are definitely the most fun. I can help plan all aspects of your wedding, or just the areas you don’t want to deal with.

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As a photographer, or an artist of any type it is important to continually be creative, and if you are like me sometimes I feel less than creative.  How do we boost creativity?  I am excited to announce this month Jon Woodbury will be our speaker.  Jon is not only a fabulous photographer but a phenomenal comedian as well who will be presenting his ideas of how to boost creativity through the concepts of comedy improvisation.  Check out his work here

We will be meeting on March 30th at 6:30 p.m. in the Salt Lake City Library.  The program starts at promptly at 7:00 p.m.

210 East 400 South
Salt Lake City UT 84111

Please join us.  It is free for anyone to attend and any experience level is welcome! If you have questions you may email me at: or call/text me at 801-349-0718.


Andrea Hanks

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