September 18, 2009

webhanks107-ls copyPhotography is a blend of technical knowledge and creative vision. Great photographers master these skills and talents, but the true strength comes from being able to connect with the subject.

Andrea has over 10 years of experience in the fashion industry. She has been everything from a runway model, to being featured in catalogs, on magazine covers, and she was even able to use her abilities to train other models as a runway and photography coach for over three years. She loved every opportunity to work in places like Milan, Paris, Hamburg, Munich and Switzerland, and as a trainer, she critiqued thousands and thousands of pictures before she started making photographs professionally.

Beyond Andrea’s technical and creative abilities is her wonderful ability to connect with people. She has a natural, effortless way of making those whom she is photographing feel at ease, and it comes through in her photographs. Andrea believes that everyone deserves to have a picture of themselves that they love.

Andrea is energetic, spunky and has a love for life. She loves to goof around with her family, ski, wakeboard, play the piano and go to the beach. Some of her favorite things in life are: hot chocolate, Graham Crackers, Halloween, trains, kites, and playing around with her camera!