On the job with…

November 1, 2009

Priscilla Ahn (Photo by Michael Mangum)Mike Posner and me on stage as The House Photographer Mike Posner

Kyle and Clayton Korver (Photo by Ryan Christensen)

Kosha Dillz! (Photo by Jon Woodbury)

Jack; The House Photographer at L.A. Fashion Weekthe media at L.A. Fashion Week Fall 2010 Runway Shows

24239_1249452637474_1264217504_30559030_8171151_na model at an editorial fashion shoot

IMG_2612 copy

a Quinceneara

DSC_5174 copya Mariachi Band


Keith Bryce from Project Runway


a crowd dancing

DSC_5370 copy

a military awards banquet


a bride’s bouquet


the mother of the bride


a wedding ceremony


Ronnie Price with the Utah Jazz

-52 blog

two little future photographers


a bride

_MG_2991 copy

a bride and groom


a spring fashion show with Utah Styleliste Magazine